Michael began tattooing in Lafayette, Indiana shortly after the state legalized tattooing in 1998. He apprenticed with a close friend, and began working as a tattooer.

In 2002, he began tattooing at the Tattooed Heart in Lafayette, under the guidance of Roger Miley. Mike had looked up to Roger since his first days getting tattooed. For the next nine years, Mike tattooed at The Tattooed Heart, and during that time he earned his bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Purdue University. After graduation, he continued tattooing while  also maintaining a full-time position with the Tippecanoe County Juvenile Justice System where he worked with kids on probation, and developed programs that proved beneficial to both the kids and the community.

Mike and his family moved to Ohio in 2011, and he has continued to balance tattooing with aspects of social work. For a short time, he worked as a caseworker for Franklin County Children Services, but returned to tattooing full-time and found ways to give back to the community in other ways.

Through the organization Survivor’s Ink, Mike has given over 100 complete cover-up tattoos to women formerly involved in sex trafficking to erase brands and tattoos from their past. He has also volunteered with Girl Scouts of Ohio Heartland, Local Outreach Volunteers and Haughland Learning Center. He also supports local fundraisers for not-for-profit organizations by donating tattoos and paintings.

Opening Hummingbird Tattoo Studio is an exciting opportunity to dedicate himself to tattooing and the community, while leaving more freedom to be the father, husband and man he wants to be. He is extremely thankful for the support of everyone who helped make Hummingbird Tattoo Studio a reality!